Saving the wildlife (Log 3) May 11, 2015 19:58

Gearing up for a pond paddleing, it's a beautiful day outside and we had to get out in it.
While out, team Lundy saved a baby turtle that was caught up in old fishing equipment. Poor little fella had a hook thru his eye, line still attached. So our resident surgeon (not an MD) worked his magic and he was freed. Lucky to say he swam right off, albiet in circles ;-). All in all it was a good day.



Getting Creative (Log 2) April 30, 2015 00:00

Another lovely day here at Terrapin Outfitters. Unfortunately, we've locked down the hatches today to get some neccessities done. Working on a few designs that will be released a little later. Back in the wild soon tho!!

Enjoying Nature (Log 1) October 05, 2014 22:41

Today team Lundy took a break from the daily grind to enjoy a canoe trip down a local river. Whether on a mission or just relaxing, we always keep an eye out for the unwanteds. Although this seemed to dominate our trip, we happily spent the next few hours paddleing back and forth and up and down scooping up what we knew the land teams couldn't get to. Wasn't what we set out to do, but we enjoyed getting that much closer to our goal all the same.

Lundy's Log (and so it begins) October 04, 2014 00:00

Nature, a great place to be and a wonderful thing to enjoy. As a boy I was taught to appreciate the gift that gives us so much. To respect her, and she will always provide. From mountain ranges to great depths in the ocean, life is being supported. I remember going to the mountains and looking out over the valleys, simply astonishing. Creeks starting as a trickle, growing into beautiful streams and ending up as powerful rivers. Seeing all that grows along its path. Watching the cycle of life, uninterrupted by man.
Noticing that it doesnt stay uninterrupted by us got me wanting to do something for this beautiful ball of dirt we live on. Starting local, the decision was made that something needs to change. Litter is everywhere, our trash output is tremendous. By taking a small bag or container with you when you go out to put litter in, we've found is the simplest way to start. We call that "pack one out". Always leaving a place cleaner than we found it.
Feeling positive about being a good influence to further the idea, Terrapin Outfitters was born. A place where focus is on the healthy longevity of nature and getting folks to get out and enjoy its wonders. The Mascot used to do this is "Lundy". We call him "Nature's Gaurdian". The terrapin was used as they've stood the test of time. And according to the childhood tortoise and the hare story, he's wise and has determination as well. He is here to guide and encourage you on the way to being safe and experience more joy while out adventuring, along with introducing you to low impact gear that will help you enjoy nature a little safer and less stressful on the earth. VibeWithNature is our mantra, doing what we can to make a positive difference. Lundy believes also living by the phrase "text less" that this can be accomplished. His favorite one is "text less, roam more".